more bedroom inspiration

June 29, 2009

I’m LOVING this new bedroom makeover from Desire to Inspire.  The colors are gorgeous… I’m really into white on white with splashes of bright color.  Hmm… I just might have to go in this direction.  Although she has a white floor.. damn!


3 Responses to “more bedroom inspiration”

  1. kim@dti Says:

    Thanks for showing off my new bedroom! (and you too can have those floors – just grab a can of paint!)

    • cait Says:

      Hi Kim! You’re welcome! That’s funny… I keep this blog kind of as a running list of ideas for potential projects… I never thought anyone looked at it. But yes, your bedroom makeover deserves showing off! As for the floors, I have a feeling my landlord might not appreciate a white out 😦

      ah well… something to get excited about for the future!

      also…where did you find that bedspread? I’ve been looking for one like that for a while.

  2. kim@dti Says:

    LOL – I found this post via technorati, so it’s my first visit. I bet your landlord wouldn’t go for white floors, unfortunately. The bedspread was one of my first eBay purchases several years ago, and it was pretty cheap. Check there or – I’m always checking out the vintage section and see alot of chenille bedspreads there as well.

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