Another potential bedroom inspiration

May 10, 2009

I’m so in love with this bedroom from Amy at Day-lab.  Yes, I am in love with a lot of bedrooms, but the soft gray of this one is so subtle and cozy while still being crisp and receptive to incredible pops of color like her bed.  The wall color is Filtered Shade by Valspar.

In order to paint the bed she:

-sanded it down with a lighter sandpaper to roughen the surface a bit.
-Cleaned it off with a tack cloth.
-Applied Kilz latex primer
-Applied 3 coats of an eggshell latex paint (3 coats gave it a nice even coat in the end).
-Applied 2 coats of a satin water based Poly, for protection.

-Amy used sponge brushes (seemed to cover the best and most evenly for this project)…and also used one of those Mitts for painting (you wear it like a glove). It allows you to get in the corners and all around th

e metal posts…worked great for this.


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